How this site works

Karfu is an information and comparison website that aims to provide the best tools, guides, features, tips and techniques to help you get the most out of the world of Mobility. 


With that in mind, we want you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of how Karfu works behind the scenes to maintain our focus on impartiality. 


We are impartial and independent


Karfu is entirely editorially independent and as a Certified B Corporation, legally required to meet highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.


We have our own specific Editorial Code to guarantee our commitment to Impartiality. 


The information we provide


Karfu was created by humans, so we cannot guarantee that all of the information we provide you with is perfectly accurate. You must use the information we provide at your own risk and understand that we can’t accept liability if things go wrong.  


Whilst we aim to provide the most accurate product and service information at the date we publish any information, you must be aware that the price, terms and any deals are subject to change by the providers we work with. These may also be different prices, terms and deals for consumers and businesses. Please make sure you confirm these with the provider directly at the point of purchase. 


As a website that brings together huge amounts of information from across the internet and different providers, whilst we link to other websites and resources, we are not responsible for their content. 


The Karfu forum and comments systems allow any registered user to post their views and opinions. Please remember that these are not endorsed by Karfu and can be very different to our editorial team’s opinion. 


We don’t provide financial advice


The information that Karfu provides does not constitute financial advice. 


You must always conduct your own research into the information we provide, to confirm that any product or service is right for your specific individual circumstances. 


Saving you money is our goal


Karfu’s goal is to save you money on your vehicle and mobility choices. This means that we are focused primarily on finding you great deals and rates, rather than necessarily accompanying this with the best service. 


Therefore, we rarely conduct thorough investigations into their solvency (i.e. how likely they are to cease trading) of any companies we highlight. There is always a risk that a company is struggling and it is unlikely to be made public until it is too late.

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Sam Ellis 28/09/22