We are actively looking for platform partners to participate in our Beta programme right now - we’d love you to be part of our launch plans.


What partners are you looking for right now?

For our beta, we are actively seeking the following:

  • Car Dealership groups: with feeds in DMS14 format with separate files for dealer details and vehicle stock.
  • Car Leasing providers: with feeds in format
  • Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter retailers: with feeds in Google Shopping format


What partners are you looking for in the future?

As a website focused on mobility, we will have a wide variety of partner opportunities, including:

  • Mobility Providers: e.g. Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing and Car Subscription providers.
  • Vehicle Suppliers: e.g. Car and Motorcycle OEM manufacturers; Electric Bicycle and Electric Scooter OEM manufacturers.
  • Service Providers: e.g. Car Breakdown and Electric Car Charging Utility providers.


If you are interested in joining the Karfu platform, please contact:

Karfu Admin 25/04/22