We are actively looking for platform partners to participate in our Beta programme right now - we’d love you to be part of our launch plans.


What partners are we looking for right now?

For our beta, we are actively seeking the following:

  • Car Dealership groups: with feeds in DMS14 format with separate files for dealer details and vehicle stock
  • Car Leasing providers: with feeds in format
  • Bicycle and Scooter retailers (including Electric): with feeds in Google Shopping format
  • Mobility Providers: e.g. Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing and Car Subscription providers
  • Vehicle Suppliers (including Electric): e.g. Car, Motorcycle, Moped, Bicycle and Scooter OEM manufacturers
  • Service Providers: e.g. Car Breakdown and Electric Car Charging Utility providers


Why is Karfu relevant to your company?

Consumers' attitudes and behaviours towards vehicles are changing rapidly.

Whether you are a car dealer, bicycle retailer, subscription provider, shared micromobility or a company that provides products or services keeping these vehicles on the road, the changes listed below will impact your business - the only question is by how much:


The expansion of mobility choice

  • Consumers now have more options to choose from across both vehicle types and different provider business models.
  • Your competitor set is now wider than before, with new market entrants and traditional players trying different ideas chipping away at your customers.


Attitudes to access are changing

  • A shift from ownership to ‘usership’ has started to take place.
  • The rise of sharing, subscriptions, COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis has led to a fundamental reassessment of people’s relationship with their vehicles.


Fewer driving licences issued

  • Urbanisation, national and local transport regulatory trends will inevitably drive down the number of car drivers.
  • 68% of the global population will live in cities by 2050, up from 50 percent today, making them naturally more reliant on alternatives to car ownership and use in a built up environment. 


Environmental importance 

  • 27 percent of Britons cite the environment in their top three issues facing the UK.
  • Consumers now consider the environmental impact and associated emissions of their vehicle choices as a significant element of their purchasing decision process.


Complexity leading to confusion

  • Comparing the increasing numbers of vehicle types and access options makes for a slow, manual, confusing process.
  • Finding value is frustrating and time consuming for consumers, driven by an inability to compare diverse options on a similar basis and unsure who to trust amongst new and traditional providers.


How does Karfu help you?

We are an impartial comparison website, focused on levelling the playing field for both new and traditional ‘mobility providers’:


Comparison is how people shop

  • Consumer preference has shifted to multi product comparison platforms. 
  • As mobility decisions get more complex, people want to be more informed to help them compare different providers on the same basis.


Impartiality leads to trust

  • Businesses want their products and services to be represented fairly.
  • But less than 31% of consumers think most websites and apps are trustworthy and accurate.
  • With low trust and the directive to 'Treat Customers Fairly', it’s in both parties interests to educate and highlight the best products and services for specific customer needs in an unbiased manner. 


Why is Karfu better for mobility providers?

Karfu will drive new, better informed customers, help you compete & provide unique insights to improve your business:


1. Increase market visibility

  • The existing aggregator / classified / portals and websites only expose you to your existing customers in your specific vertical.
  • Karfu can put your products in front of people who didn’t even know you exist, and do the hard work explaining why it suits their mobility needs.


2. Compete fairly, build trust

  • A level playing field of informed choices increases trust in decisions. 
  • Karfu puts your business into a fair, competitive environment, where no single business can promote their products or services over any other. 


3. Use our insights to get ahead

  • Learn about the world of mobility and new customer behaviours. 
  • Karfu’s anonymised interaction data provides completely unique insights into consumer behaviour and changes in the mobility landscape. 


How we make it easy for you

We’ve done the hard work to make it easy for you to join and succeed:


Free to join during Beta

  • There are no costs to pay until our Beta phase is complete, as we need to test our systems and technical integrations.
  • Our commercial options include lead and sale commission, or flat monthly rates via subscription.


Simple integration

  • Just your pricing or stock data is required and we do the rest. 
  • Whether a CSV file via FTP or an API, we only need a basic feed.
  • We’ve integrated 3rd data sources to add extra information to better represent your products and services.


Easy management 

  • It’s quick to make changes and updates, with no waiting for development teams to fit into their workflow.
  • We help manage setup, with ongoing management done via a dashboard.


Why should you trust Karfu?

Karfu has been designed to be a responsible, ethical business:


Certified B Corporation

  • We are a new type of business that has to balance purpose and profit.
  • We are legally required to consider the impact of our decisions on our customers, suppliers, workers, the environment and the community.


FCA registered (FRN 969601)

  • We are an Appointed Representative of Consumer Credit Compliance. 
  • We’ve worked with the team at Consumer Credit Compliance to ensure our platform meets all statutory FCA requirements.


Partner benefits summary

Karfu provides higher quality leads from unique requirement-based insights, generating better conversion for partners:


1) Awareness

Reach more (and new) people.


2) Multi-channel

Compete where consumers compare.


3) Customer Education

Informed consumers transact faster.


4) Business Knowledge

Learn about new mobility behaviours.


5) Competitive Advantage

Be one of the the first to join.


If you are interested in joining the Karfu platform, please contact:

Join the Karfu wait list

Be the first to find out when our comparison service goes live.
Karfu Admin 25/10/22