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Audi is developing a new particulate filter for its future EV’s that aims to clean up the air while driving and charging. 

Though all-electric cars don’t give off any CO2, they do still produce fine dust from brake, tyre, or road abrasion.

Installed at the front of future models, Audi plans to resolve this with a redesigned particulate filter that collects particles generated by its EVs as they move. 

The new system is being developed as a pilot project, collaborating with parts supplier Mann + Hummel. 

Being tested on Audi E-Tron models, the filter is integrated into the vehicle’s existing airflow in front of the radiator, so that only a few modifications to the car are necessary. The filter element is controlled via a switchable cooling air inlet, which traps the dust particles in the filter. 

When the vehicle is in motion, the smallest particulates are passively collected as air flows through the filter system. 

When the vehicle is charging, the vehicle’s pre-existent fan, located at the front, draws ambient air through the filter, which Audi says is ideal in urban areas. 

Audi says its tests carried out in the city of Stuttgart, Germany show promising results, with its E-Tron test vehicle showing an ability to completely filter out its own particulates. 

For greater efficiency, Audi is working with Mann + Hummel to connect its new urban purifier with existing sensors such as weather stations. Audi also plans to allow passengers to determine when the system is active and how much air has already been filtered.

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Harry Leahey 03/01/23