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Peugeot has announced plans to unveil a new concept car that will showcase features and design cues reserved for its future electric cars from 2025.


Dubbed the Inception, the car will appear on 5 January at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA. 


This may seem like a strange location for a brand which hasn’t sold its cars in America since 199, But when you consider CES is also one of the world’s biggest electronics shows, it’s not entirely surprising Peugeot would want to turn up there with its latest tech-laden machine. 


When it does arrive at CES, Peugeot says its Inception will “turn the entire automotive experience upside down,"  and will give a glimpse into how its first-generation of bespoke electric models built from the ground up will look like. 


Inside will feature a completely redesigned i-Cockpit interior, a unique layout which has become synonymous with every modern Peugeot since it made its debut in 2016. 


It comes ahead of Peugeot’s plans to offer electrified versions of its pre-existing models by 2024, which includes the electric e-308 hatch and e-308 SW estate - due to arrive in showrooms next year, as well as a fully-electric version of its 408 SUV-estate. 


The Concept will be based on the bespoke STLA Medium electric platform from auto conglomerate Stellantis - a platform designed specifically for medium and large size family cars. 

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Harry Leahey 28/11/22