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Mobility Operations' fleet of EVs has tripled in the past year in order to meet an increased demand for electric cars.

Motability Operations is one of the UK’s largest fleet operator in the UK, and enables disabled people, their families and their carers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair. 

More than 650,000 customers are said to use its scheme.

It comes following its collaboration with smart charging company Ohme, which is enabling Mobility Scheme customers to save money when charging their cars via Ohme's Home Pro smart chargers.


Ohme’s Home Pro smart charger can connect with the national grid in real time, and automatically adjust its charging for drivers to take advantage of all the times of low price charging with smart off-peak tariffs. 

Since the partnership began, Ohme has used the past year to continually refine and improve its working practices among the customer service team and throughout the business to meet the specific accessibility requirements of all of its customers.

David Watson, Ohme CEO said: “At Ohme, putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and building strong relationships are two of our core values, so we feel privileged to be helping the Motability Scheme customers with their move towards electric vehicles,” said David Watson, Ohme CEO. 

“Compared to traditional cars, electric vehicles can enable all drivers to enjoy greater mobility, freedom and independence as well as saving money with reduced running costs. Ohme is very happy to be part of enabling that journey alongside Motability Operations.”

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Harry Leahey 09/12/22