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Renault has simplified the number of versions available for its Trafic, Trafic Passenger and Master Vans for 2023, with base prices reduced by up to £4,600. 

The range will adopt the same model structure as the recently-launched Renault Kangoo, which can be had as an all electric version which offers 143 miles of range on a single charge.

As a result, the Trafic Van will be offered in new Start, Advance, Extra and Extra Sport trim levels, while the 9-seater Trafic Passenger will be available in Start and Extra trim. 

Meanwhile, its Master and Conversions will be available in the Start and Advance trim. 

Renault says the move has simplified its commercial range by 38 percent, reducing the previous offering of 161 separate versions into a core of 100 distinct models.

The Spanish firm added its streamlined range will “increase clarity for customers” and help reduce lead times so its “hard-working customers can be out on the road quickly.”

Renault has also revisited the base price for its commercial vehicles, with the Trafic Van now starting from £25,500 + VAT, while the Passenger version is now priced from £30,000 + VAT. 

The larger Master model meanwhile starts from £29,750 + VAT, while the versatile range of Master Conversions starts with the Chassis Cab at £30,000 + VAT.

Models from the revised range can be pre-ordered now, with order books open from December 15. 

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Harry Leahey 03/01/23