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Volta Trucks, a full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer, has announced a strong start to 2023, with the confirmation of customer production orders for over 300 of its full-electric Volta Zero.

The series production of the Volta Zero will commence in the coming months at the company’s contract manufacturing facility in Steyr, Austria, which the company says is ready to meet strong customer demand for its purpose-built full-electric medium duty urban delivery truck.

The orders, which are said to create up to £75 million (€85 million) of anticipated revenue, will be delivered in 2023.

Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Truck said: ​​”This is a major achievement and demonstrates the compelling features of the Volta Zero and the trust that our customers have in our ability to deliver. 

"We are confident and focused on delivering on our strategic ambitions and purpose to decarbonise and improve the safety of city-centres.”

The news comes following the Volta Zero prototypes passing rigorous testing in hot conditions last year, which involved temperatures of up to 39°C during the day, and 28°C at night. 

According to Volta, the Volta Zero’s air conditioning system and thermal management of the battery and powertrain had been “fully evaluated and pushed to the extremes” to ensure “optimum reliability”.


The Volta Zero houses either a 150kWh or 225kWh battery, and can deliver a range of between 90 and 125 miles. 


Pricing has yet to be announced for the UK, though it can be pre-ordered on Volta Truck’s website. 

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Harry Leahey 27/01/23