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Vauxhall has launched a new initiative to address the lack of on-street charging for electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK.


The ‘Electric Streets of Britain’ programme aims to help councils install more on-street chargers, particularly in areas where there is high demand from residents without driveways.

It comes following a recent investigation by Vauxhall, which found that more than 70 percent of UK councils currently do not have a published strategy in place for residential on-street charging. 


To help addres this, the ‘Electric Streets of Britain’ programme will provide councils with access to funding and expertise to help them install more on-street chargers. Vauxhall is also working with leading charging operators to develop new on-street charging solutions that are affordable and easy to install.

James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall, said: “Accessibility to charge points near your home is critical to the transition to electric vehicle ownership in the UK. We want to make sure that anyone without a driveway is part of that journey.

“The ‘Electric Streets of Britain’ programme will help councils install more on-street chargers, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of driving an EV.”

The programme is part of Vauxhall’s commitment to making electric vehicles more accessible to everyone, and comes ahead of its plans to offer a fully electric version of every model in its line-up by 2024, before then selling electric-only vehicles by 2028.

Vauxhall says it is also calling on the government to accelerate the roll-out of on-street charging by making it easier for councils to install chargers. 

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Harry Leahey 11/10/23