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Electric vehicle (EV) owners in the UK are being advised to switch to an EV-only tariff in March, following news that household utility bills are set to rise again from 1 April 2023. 


The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) has confirmed that bills will rise, despite the price cap being reduced to £3,280 for a dual fuel household. 


It comes as the Government's UK-wide, one-off £400 winter-related rebate ends in April.


However, there is some good news for EV owners, as research by Smart Home Charge says that savings can be made by switching to a more economical energy tariff. 


According to the EV charger installation firm, electric car owners who charge their vehicles at home could currently save over £50 a month on charging alone, just by choosing an EV-only tariff. 


This means that based on 10,400 miles per year / 200 miles a week usage, Tesla Model Y owners could save £607.34 a year, the firm claims, while Tesla Model 3 owners could save £599.34, and Kia e-Niro owners could save £564.47.


Smart Home Charge's EV Energy Tariff Comparison tool website allows users to easily compare energy tariffs and find the best deal for their home. 


It's important to note that EV owners are one of the few consumer groups that can switch home energy tariffs, and that savings can be realised across the entire home's electricity usage.


Danny Morgan, editor and marketing manager at Smart Home Charge, said: “The rising price of energy means the cost of running an EV is not as cheap as it was 18 months ago, however electric car drivers can still make huge savings on home car charging by switching to an EV friendly electricity tariff.


“EV-friendly tariffs offer a much cheaper electricity price, typically overnight, helping reduce the cost of a single charge, but our previous research has found as many as 50 per cent of EV owners were not taking advantage of these cheaper rates."

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Harry Leahey 28/02/23