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A scheme brought to you by Peddle My Wheels, introducing their new project called 'OurBike', is now being supported by Richmond Council. The plan allows businesses or residents to hire electric cargo bikes for their own personal usage. Peddle my Wheels is a reliable business that runs several schemes in partnership with London Councils.


The Peddle My Wheels schemes began in 2017, but the project of 'OurBike' represents their latest challenge, having launched in 2022. It is so far encouraged by Hounslow, Kingston-upon-Thames, Camden, Richmond and Wandsworth councils, all funding a free month trial of the electric cargo bikes for businesses. The project is part of an initiative that aims at reducing the number of vehicles on the road, cutting down on the congestion/pollution in the city. 


Why become an 'OurBike' Host?

As well as doing your part for the environment and our sustainable future, from a business perspective, the scheme represents a perfect opportunity to advertise your business. You can get an e-cargo named after your business, have it parked outside your office (or anywhere you like) for individuals to hire, or simply use it for your own commuting needs (it is indeed free for 2 hours per day). Nevertheless, it can serve as a great marketing strategy, allowing the renter to become part of a truly inspiring sustainable community initiative that gets more people to cycle more.

What is the scheme?

OurBike is an app-based e-cargo share scheme. On the app, you can choose between 'Hiring or Hosting' a cargo bike. Hiring is an option more related to individuals interested in renting or purchasing a bike. On the other hand, hosting is an option more frequently chosen for businesses, thanks to its marketing benefits mentioned in the previous paragraph.


The cost of hiring the bike is intriguing. Pricing will vary, but it ultimately depends on the borough the bike you would like to hire is based. Currently, the first 2 hours of use per day are free, as they are covered by the Council. Following the initial free '2 hours', the cost will range between £3-5 per hour. 


You must register with OurBike by completing the form on their website. Once you have completed the form, a qualified instructor will meet with you for an 'introductory' session and cover all queries such as – riding the e-cargo bike, safely securing it, tutorials on the app and other need-to-know questions. Following this session, you will be free to use the OurBike app to track and locate your nearest e-cargo bike, and reserve for immediate purposes or for future use.


What are the additional benefits of being a part of the scheme:

  • No hidden fees, long-term ties ins or penalties when you order a bike

  • A monthly subscription that can be cancelled or renewed whenever you like

  • Bikes of all ranges – for kids/adults, folding, electric, cargo, e-cargo, adaptive

  • Free emergency maintenance cover (for up to 6 months) on any bike

  • Free delivery or collection

  • Free helmet available with every subscription

  • Free cycling training is available through your Council

  • 5% discount if you 'buy' in one go

  • 12-month interest-free payment plan or use the Cycle to Work Scheme


Please note that if you would like to buy your bike or accessories, you must pay for the 'add-ons' alongside the bike.

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Manija Noori 01/11/22