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NHS staff who may be paying costly amounts for parking at work can now have the opportunity to save money through, an online parking marketplace that offers parking spaces, driveways and garages for rent throughout the UK.

Free parking for all NHS staff was introduced by the UK government during the pandemic. Since Covid-19 restrictions have now been lessened, this benefit also came to an end as of Friday 31st March, leaving thousands of NHS workers obliged to look for alternative parking arrangements or face hefty sums to continue to park in official hospital car parking.

Homeowners with an empty driveway or car park spaces are now able to offer hospital staff an immediate substitute in comparison to the pricey hospital car park fees. The service is available via the online parking portal, allowing guaranteed parking and a potentially convenient solution that could represent a more affordable solution for both NHS workers as well as local hospital residents.

"Thankfully, homeowners can offer a helping hand to NHS staff by renting out their empty driveways, an opportunity many homeowners will surely be pleased to undertake given the heroic efforts of NHS staff during the COVID-19 pandemic." - Harrison Wood, CEO at stated.

Homeowners have been reported to generate a collective grand total of £26 million in 2021 just by listing their driveways and renting out their empty spaces through the new parking platform. has spaces ranging from individual driveways, to supermarkets such as Tesco, Premier Inn and Morrisons. The company placed 86th in the Tech Track 100 - the UK’s fastest growing technology companies, and also 546th in the FT1000 - an annual list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

At certain hospitals such as St George’s Hospital in Tooting and King’s College Hospital in London the current price for NHS staff to pay to park is £25 a day. For a full time NHS staff member (5 days a week) this means £125 a week, and in 4 weeks racking up a costly sum of £500. With, staff could pay as little as £6.94 a day at St George’s or £4.65 a day at King's College Hospital in London, saving between 72% and 81% respectively. Roughly £7 a day, 5 days a week would reach a total sum of £35 a week and £140 a month. A reasonable amount to pay than the substantial cost of £500, saving roughly £360.

Harrison concluded: "We are immensely proud of the work we did alongside supermarkets, shopping centres and hotels to give NHS staff free parking during the pandemic. And now that free hospital parking has concluded, I’m sure homeowners will be just as glad to assist NHS staff all while making a handy additional stream of income."

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Vida Azizi 03/01/23