The GeniePoint network platform is the latest Electric Vehicle charging company to come online as an established partner of ‘Zap-Pay’ via the Zap-Map app, the UK’s leading EV mapping service. 


The third-largest rapid charging network in the UK, GeniePoint’s deal with Zap-Pay follows similar agreements with Osprey, ESB Energy and, providing more than 800 additional charge points - including more than 500 rapid chargers throughout England, Scotland and Wales - with even easier payment options.   


The result is a considerable development in the EV world, through a widespread app-based payment service that allows you to pay for the charging of EV vehicles using a credit or debit card.

Who Is GeniePoint?

GeniePoint is currently the third-largest rapid charging network in the UK. With its broad range of destination charging locations, the network works with leading supermarket Morrisons - providing chargers at over 200 car-park sites - and with the UK’s largest hotel brand Premier Inn, installing EV charging stations across the hotel chains' estates.

The Zap-Pay Upgrade

Brought to you by Zap-Map, Zap-Pay is an app-based payment service that allows you to pay for the charging of EV vehicles using a credit or debit card. The payment system is simple to use and is now part of the standard check-in process on Zap-Map. Customers simply select the chosen charging point from the map within the Zap-Map app, choosing the credit/debit card to start charging their vehicle. 


But who is Zap-Map?  The multipurpose networking software has made a name for itself as the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) mapping service.  The service offers a charging point map, available via iOS/Android apps and on desktop. The business has included 95% of the UK’s charging points on its network and helps the overall experience of  EV drivers, by enabling them to search for available charging points, plan longer journeys and share updates with the so far recorded 350,000 other registered users of the service.


With the inclusion of Zap-Pay, customers benefit from excellent support from using their service. Zap-pay includes a 24/7 multilingual help desk for any issues or queries regarding payments, which EVA Global provides - the international, leading managed service provider that specialises specifically in the electric mobility industry. 

Charging is made simpler with Zap-Pay 

In the words of Alex Earl, Commercial Director at Zap-Map, “not only is GeniePoint a valuable addition to the Zap-Pay partner network, but as a nationwide charging company with rapid and fast charge points at convenient locations, it will make paying for charging that much easier for Zap-Map users. We’ve seen the usage of Zap-Pay increase significantly, especially since the summer, and I’m really looking forward to seeing this trend accelerate as GeniePoint comes online with Zap-Pay.” 


Alongside Zap-Pay's current other three partners, GeniePoint’s nationwide charging networks choosing to go online with Zap-Pay signals towards yet another beneficial partnership, where an already successful service is made even simpler.

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Manija Noori 06/12/22