ZipCharge made their debut at the COP26 summit in November 2021 as a new game-changing product, ready to penetrate the Electric vehicle (EV) market globally. 

Due to go live this week 22nd April 2022, the purpose behind the company product is to eliminate the inequality behind charging your EV. The new portable EV charge going by the name ZipCharge Go represents a strategic plan to replace current charging networks with a more convenient, low-cost energy source, to allow drivers to charge their EV no matter where it is parked. 


The ZipCharge Go can be charged via any plug socket and with its retractable handle: you can easily wheel the suitcase looking power bank over to your EV and plug it into charge using the standard type 2 cable.

Background on Zipcharge

First of its kind, ZipCharge is the world’s leading portable EV charging power bank. The mission of ZipCharge is to enhance the convenience of EV ownership by eliminating its primary hindering factor of charging an EV.


In the UK, over 40% of car owned households don't have designated off-street parking to be able to charge their EV at home. With the introduction of ZipCharge, these products are made easy to use for individuals personal use. They are compact, low-in-cost and can be used in the convenience of a car being parked in any given destination. 


Key benefits of new portable charger 

  • The Go charger itself. A portable charger on wheels, its size is no bigger than a ‘carry-on suitcase’, and it’s designed for convenience, simplicity and low-cost easy appeal. 

  • Charge wherever. The Go charger can be plugged at any plug socket and wheeled to your EV wherever it may be parked. 

  • Daily charging. EV charger provides up to 20-40 miles of range at Level 2 (7.2kW). The range is sufficient for average commutes and day-to-day errand drives.

  • Quick charging. Full charge within 30-60 minutes depending on battery capacity.

  • Being in charge. Everything can be controlled easily with the Go app. Providing status updates, tracking and auto schedules for charging at the lowest cost.

  • Easy to store. You can keep the portable charger at home, otherwise for convenience, it can be stored in the boot of the vehicle.


Since the start of 2022, the UK government has taken great initiative towards our sustainable future. Most strategies introduced are to be implemented by 2030. One strategy of which being a public charge point target of 300,000 across the UK. The Government will be investing £500 million to make charge points more accessible to all towns and communities. Also, a further £450 million to increase on-street charge points will be invested, for EV drivers who do not have access to their own driveway/ off-street parking. 


Co-founder, Jonathan Carrier,  from ZipCharge stated: "From the outset ZipCharge has been committed to the democratisation of energy and making EV charging more accessible to more people. Now it's our opportunity to make EV charging part of a smart energy system, so it is more inclusive and democratic. We are excited to showcase the next stage in our journey and desire to transform how people access energy, anywhere so we can create benefits for everyone and every community, regardless of where they live, what they drive and how they move."

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