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Yamaha, a leading motorcycle manufacturer, has reintroduced the Booster name with two new e-bikes aimed at the European urban utility market - the Booster Easy and Booster S-pedelec. 


There styling is said to have been inspired by Yamaha’s Booster scooters from the 1980s and ’90s, and both feature a step-through frame and chunky 20x4-inch tyres, 


The Booster Easy, however, is an electric bike that provides electric assistance up to 15.5mph, making it complies with current UK e-bike regulations.


The S-pedelec on the other hand can reach a maximum speed of 28mph with pedal assistance, meaning it is classified as an L1e moped, which requires an AM licence, number plate registration, and a helmet for riding. 


Yamaha’s own PW-S2 electric drive unit provides power for both models, weighing 2.85kg and offering 75Nm of torque. It features a "zero cadence" system that provides electric assistance as soon as the pedals are engaged. 


Both bikes are powered by a centrally mounted, removable 630Wh 36V battery, which is said to provide a claimed range of up to 75 miles for the Booster Easy and up to 68 miles for the Booster S-pedelec depending on the drive mode selected. 


On board equipment for the bikes include bespoke Yamaha fork covers upfront,  a front plate cover, mudguards, and "supernova" headlights, while the Royal Orbis seat can be adjusted. There's also rear LED lights from Koso.   


The Booster Easy has a 1.7-inch LCD digital display screen, while the Booster S-pedelec has a 2.8-inch colour TFT display and a mirror on the left handlebar to comply with L1e rules.


The Booster Easy will be available for purchase soon, with the more powerful Booster S-pedelec following in June. 

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Harry Leahey 09/05/23