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In a move that caters to the enthusiasts of traditional driving, BMW has announced the introduction of a manual transmission option for its Z4 M40i model in 2024,  a nod to the purists who prefer the tactile engagement of a manual gearbox.


The decision to introduce a manual option in the Z4 lineup follows the successful inclusion of a manual gearbox in the Toyota Supra, its sister car, back in 2022. 


Since its launch in 2019, the Z4 was previously available exclusively with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which, while efficient, left manual transmission aficionados yearning for more control and connection with the vehicle.


The new manual option aims to address this with a standard six-speed gearbox, which is paired to the Z4 M40i's 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine making 335bhp. 


The more engaging driving experience does come at a slight cost to acceleration though, achieving 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds, which is marginally slower than its automatic counterpart


Priced at £60,675, the manual variant commands a premium of £3,380 over the automatic version. However, this additional cost also means the inclusion of the 'Handschalter Pack,' a suite of enhancements aimed at elevating the car’s driving dynamics and aesthetic appeal.


Among these upgrades are bespoke parts developed specifically for the manual Z4 M40i, which BMW says helps to ensure a distinctive shift feel, while the exterior and chassis have also undergone some changes. 


These include revised anti-roll bars and steering system mapping, as well as larger wheels for superior traction and cornering capabilities.

Externally, the Z4 M40i manual edition is adorned in 'Frozen Deep Green' metallic paint, complemented by gloss black trim, red brake callipers, and a 'Vernasca leather' interior. The rest of the car inside remains largely the same as the automatic version. 

Bring a roadster, the roof is electrically operated and can be opened or closed in the space of ten seconds, even while travelling at speeds up to 31 mph. A wind deflector, seat heating and two-zone automatic climate control also standard. 

Standard safety features include front collision warning with brake intervention and lane departure warning. Features to be found on the options list include cruise control with Stop&Go function, rear collision prevention a reversing sssist camera and a Head-Up Display, which displays information on the windscreen. 


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Harry Leahey 01/02/24