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Electrogenic, a British company that specialises in electric conversions of classic automobiles, has introduced a "plug and play" powertrain for the classic Mini, 


This pre-assembled kit replaces the Mini’s A-Series engine with a water-cooled electric motor, producing 60bhp and 100lb ft through a fixed-ratio gearbox, which is a sizable improvement above the  original 1959 Mini (known as the Austin Seven),which made 34 bhp and 44lb ft of torque. 


The Electrogenic kit includes a 20kWh battery pack that provides an 80-mile range around town, where the motor can recover energy nearly constantly in stop-start traffic and at low speeds. The firm says an extended-range version, which includes a second battery inside the boot, will be offered at a later date. 


A Type 2 charging port can be accessed through a replacement front grille that features a cutout for the cable.


According to Electrogenic, its conversion kit does not require any modification to the Mini’s structure, making it entirely reversible, similar to the existing Electrogenic Porsche 911.


It’s also integrated into a replacement front subframe to make it easier to swap with the Mini’s existing petrol engine. 


The Electrogenic kit will be available for purchase this autumn, starting at £15,000 (excluding VAT).

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Harry Leahey 12/05/23