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Hyundai's already impressive foray into high-performance electric vehicles has taken a thrilling leap forward with the introduction of the Ioniq 5 N NPX1, set to debut at this year's
Tokyo Auto Salon. This latest iteration looks to represent a significant upgrade to the Ioniq 5 N

The Ioniq 5 N has set a high bar with its dual-motor powertrain, delivering a remarkable 601bhp and an additional 40bhp boost for ten-second intervals. An 84kWh battery powers this setup, enabling the car to sprint from 0 to 62 mph in a mere 3.4 seconds. The Ioniq 5 N's 84kWh battery offers rapid charging capabilities, achieving 10-80% in 18 minutes, with an anticipated range of 200-220 miles on a full charge.


The exterior design differentiates significantly from the standard Ioniq 5, with a redesigned front bumper and 'N Mask' incorporating active air flaps for improved brake cooling. Hyundai has also enhanced the braking system to cope with the increased performance, integrating the regenerative braking system to manage a significant portion of the braking force, especially during track use.


The NPX1 aims to push these boundaries even further, potentially introducing a more intense driving experience or an array of customizable options for enthusiasts.


Hyundai's social media channels have been buzzing with teasers of the NPX1, hinting at a design that's more aggressive than its predecessor. Inspired by the 'N Performance Parts' line, which was first showcased with the i30 N 'N Option' at the 2018 Frankfurt Motor Show, the NPX1 could offer a preview of the exciting accessories and upgrades available for the £65,000 Ioniq 5 N.


The NPX1 distinguishes itself with several exterior enhancements. These include extended wheel arches encompassing a new set of sleek carbon wheels, suggesting a wider track, blacked out windows and a more agressive rear diffuser. 

There's not interior shots, though to normal Ioniq 5 N boasts sporty bucket seats, a custom steering wheel, and performance-themed digital displays. It will also support over-the-air updates post-launch.

No official information has been released regarding the impact of the NXP1's improvements on the starting price of £65,000 for the Ioniq 5 N. Still in its development phase, Hyundai plans for its market launch later in the year.


Additionally, the NPX1 will not be the sole high-performance electric vehicle making its debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Nissan is set to reveal the Ariya Nismo, a high-performance iteration of its acclaimed family SUV.

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