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Hyundai has introduced an updated version of its popular Tucson SUV, which is set to hit the UK market in May 2024.

The new Tucson features a number of exterior and interior design changes, including a more streamlined front grille, redesigned headlights and new alloy wheels. 

Inside, the Tucson now has a single, curved panel that houses both the infotainment touchscreen and driver display, similar to other cars in Hyundai's range like the Ioniq 5. 

The centre console has also been redesigned, with new haptic control buttons and physical heater dials.

The updated Tucson is expected to retain its range of petrol, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid powertrains, all of which are centred around a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine. The top-tier version delivers 263bhp.

The current Tucson is priced between £31,500 and £44,630. The upcoming facelift is anticipated to see a general price increase in the range of £1000 to £2000.

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Harry Leahey 21/11/23