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Jaguar has unveiled a special edition F-Type which will be built until the end of 2023 - the final combustion engined sports car to bear the emblem of the iconic leaping cat. 

It will also mark the end of the F-Type’s production run, as the company plans to have a fully electric-only lineup by 2025. 

To celebrate, customers can choose the F-type 75 or F-type R 75, which are both powered by Jaguar’s long-standing supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine.

Available in both coupé and convertible body styles, the F-type 75 has a top speed of 177mph and makes 445bhp (450PS) and 580 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the 0-60mph sprint is claimed to take 4.4 seconds. 

The more powerful R 75 makes 567bhp (575PS) and 700 Nm of torque. Equipped with AWD as standard, the R 75 is said to accelerate from 0-60mph in just 3.5 seconds.

Jaguar says these special edition variants are distinguished by unique exterior and interior features, such as discreet badges on the front fenders and dashboard which depict the F-type’s silhouette, as well as an exclusive option of Giola Green metallic paint. 

The 75 special editions also include exclusive 20-inch alloy wheels. 

Matthew Beaven, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Designer, Exteriors, said; “For 75 years Jaguar has been renowned for producing extraordinary sports cars that deliver performance, agility and maximum driver reward. 

“The F-TYPE special editions hold true to these principles, adding unique interior and exterior design details to celebrate this lineage before Jaguar becomes an all-electric brand from 2025."

It comes following the announcement of the similar Land Rover Defender 75, which was unveiled by the parent company Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) back in September. It too gained a series of exclusive exterior and interior features to celebrate, concurrently, 75 years of the Defender. 

As coupés, prices for the F-Type 75 with RWD will start from £78,330, while the F-type 75 R with AWD will start from £102,870, ahead of deliveries from January 2023. 

When production of the F-type ends, Jaguar’s lineup will involve a trio of sporty, all-electric SUVs arriving from 2025, and all will be built on a new, bespoke platform. 

Currently, it remains unconfirmed whether the firm plans to replace its F-type with an fully electric successor, but with the emergence of an all electric Maserati Granturismo sports car with rivals to follow, it would be reasonable to expect a Jaguar equivalent to sprout up at some point in its pure electric future. 

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Harry Leahey 29/12/22