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Kia's expanding lineup of all-electric vehicles bearing the EV badge is on the verge of welcoming a new addition, the Kia EV3. 

Presented as a concept for now alongside the EV4 saloon at Kia’s EV Day, the car is poised to enter production ahead of its debut in 2024, and will compete in the C-segment of compact SUVs. 

Externally, the EV3 looks to have drawn inspiration from the angular design motifs featured in the EV9 and EV5 production models, while its interior adopts their minimalist approach and dual screen setups on the dash. 

Like the EV4 saloon, the EV3 also features an oval-shaped steering wheel and a floating centre console for a more spacious cabin. 

While no specific technical specifications have been disclosed for the EV3, it is expected to leverage Hyundai-Kia Group's E-GMP platform, already employed in the EV6. This implies potential options between a 58kWh and a 77.4kWh battery, offering a range exceeding 300 miles. 


In the production version, Kia is set to introduce advanced AI technology, which is said to enhance the vehicle's daily operations, such as route optimisation and travel planning. 

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Harry Leahey 17/10/23