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Peugeot has introduced updates to its seven-seater E-Rifter - an electric vehicle derived from its van models. 

Sporting a revamped aesthetic, the updated E-Rifter features a modernised front façade, complete with a redesigned grille, bumper, and the addition of Peugeot’s signature 'three-claw' design in the new headlamps. 

The revamp extends to the interior, where drivers will find a heated leather steering wheel and a completely redesigned dashboard. This dashboard is now equipped to support a new 10-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system with seamless wireless integration for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 


With two size options available, 4.4 metres and 4.7 metres, the E-Rifter can be configured with either five or seven seats and offers a cargo volume of up to 4,000 litres.

Though the powertrain retains the same 50kWh battery, Peugeot says the range has increased to an estimated 199 miles per charge, which is an improvement of over 25 miles from the earlier model.  In addition, Peugeot has now standardised the inclusion of a heat pump to enhance range performance in cooler weather. 

This battery supports 100kW DC fast-charging, which can recharge the battery to 80 percent in just 30 minutes. Power output also remains the same at134bhp from a front-mounted motor.

Peugeot is expected to confirm pricing ahead of the E-Rifter's launch in February 2024.  

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Harry Leahey 07/11/23