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Porsche has unveiled the much-anticipated all-electric iteration of its popular Macan SUV, which will come in two versions when it arrives on sale from the latter part of 2024. 


The base model, dubbed the Macan 4, will start from £69,800 in the UK, while the more potent Turbo will start from £96,00. 


Both are powered by a 100kWh battery pack, 95kWh of which is usable. The advanced 800V electrical system supports rapid 270kW charging, which Porsche says can replenish  the battery from 10-80 percent in just 21 minutes. In terms of range, the base model is said to deliver 380-miles from a full charge, while the Turbo is said to provide 360-miles.


This will most likely be down to the Turbo’s more powerful motors, which make 640bhp and 1,000Nm of torque, enough for a 0-62mph time of 3.3 seconds, before reaching its top speed of 161mph.


The ‘4’ meanwhile produces up to 402bhp on overboost and 650Nm of torque, enough to launch the car from 0-62mph in 5.1 seconds, before reaching a 136mph top speed. 


Porsche says both versions are rear bias to improve efficiency, with the front-motor engaging when needed. 


To help ensure the all-electric Macan drives like its ICE-powered predecessors, Porsche engineers have integrated sophisticated chassis technology. Notably, the Macan 4 features standard steel springs with dual-valve adaptive dampers, and air-suspension is available as an option. 


The Turbo version goes a step further, incorporating an electronically controlled limited-slip differential with torque vectoring on the rear axle for enhanced performance.


Stopping power meanwhile comes from a new hydraulic braking system, while wheel size options range from 19 to 22 inches. 


In terms of aesthetics, the new Macan presents a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Porsche design. The front showcases a set of four daylight running lights, plus frameless doors while its sideblades can be finished in black or matte. The rear meanwhile is characterised by a wraparound light bar,  exhibiting a fastback style similar to Porsche's Cayenne Coupe.


Inside, the cabin features a 12.9-inch curved driver's display, a 10.9-inch touchscreen interface, and familiar controls for air conditioning and volume on the floating center console. 


Standard features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while the vehicle's native infotainment system, now based on an Android framework, supports over-the-air updates similar to Tesla's system.


Porsche has also prioritized ambient interior lighting and expanded customization options for improved personalisation than the previous version.


This new, all-electric model comes following the success of the first generation Macan, which amassed over 800,000 sales. Whether it's successor can achieve as much success, time will tell. In the meantime, Porsche says the outgoing version will remain on sale in the UK until the end of 2024. 

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Harry Leahey 25/01/24