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Rolls-Royce has created a limited edition of its Black Badge Ghost to mark the solar eclipse which occurred on 14 October with the Ékleipsis Private Collection. 

The Éklepsis features a unique Lyrical Copper paint colour, which incorporates powdered copper pigment that makes the paint appear darker until it catches the light. Meanwhile, the hand-painted coachline that runs down the side of the car is mandarin orange, which also features on accents around the Pantheon Grille and brake callipers

The same bright orange hue can be found in the cabin. 


There is no presence of the colour orange in the clock located on the car's dashboard; however, Rolls-Royce has introduced a 0.5-carat diamond to the edge of the timepiece - a first for Rolls-Royce. In keeping with the theme, this addition is intended to evoke the visual phenomenon known as the 'diamond ring' effect, which occurs right before and immediately after the moon covers the sun during a total solar eclipse.

The Ékleipsis also features a bespoke Starlight Headliner, which showcases a special animation that takes seven minutes and 31 seconds to complete, which is the longest possible duration of a total solar eclipse. The animation, which the firm says took a year to develop, replicates the moon blocking the light from the sun, followed by the appearance of the sun's corona and other stars and planets. It requires 1,846 individual ‘stars’ to pull off, and each headliner is said to take over 100 hours to complete.


The Éklepsis is limited to just 25 units, and has already been allocated to some of its clients around the world. Rolls-Royce chose not to disclose the car’s price given its availability, but speculation suggests it costs exceedingly more than the £270,000+ Black Badge Ghost.


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Harry Leahey 18/10/23