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Rolls Royce has reported its test programs for the upcoming Spectre Coupe, concluding winter testing less than 55km away from the Arctic Circle in a specialist facility in Arjeplog, Sweden. The Spectre's mechanisms have been subjected to temperatures as extreme as -40C.


Noise levels, vibration, climate control system and rubber components, as well as the Spectre’s handling and powertrain performance, are reported to be pushed and tested to its highest performance levels. The drivetrain - the group of components that transfer power from the engine to the wheels - along with the engineering of the chassis - the overall structure/frame of the car - were tested on heavy snow and ice to ensure that the Spectre is well equipped to take on adverse weather conditions.


Reports from Rolls Royce state this model is the manufacturer’s most digitally-connected vehicle, with nearly 5 miles of wire cabling inside the car. Mihiar Ayoubi, Director of Engineering, Rolls-Royce explained:  “The departure from internal combustion engines allows us to significantly increase the processing power of our individual components and create a ‘Decentralised Intelligence’. We refer to this unprecedented era, where we benefit from a multi-control, multi-channel and highly interconnected electronic and electric powertrain architecture, as ‘Rolls-Royce 3.0’.”


The Spectre's electronics involve 141,200 sender-receiver relations. The vehicle is equipped with more than 1000 functions and more than 25,000 sub-functions. The Spectre coupe has been positioned by the car manufacturer to be the Phantom coupe's successor. To compare, the Phantom includes 51,000 sender-receiver relations, 456 functions and 647 sub-functions, leading to the considerable increase of the car cabling - from 1.25 miles to more than five miles.

Largest wheels on a coupe since the 1926 Bugatti Royale


Beyond the digital components, the Spectre is expected to be a sleek, two-door grand tourer with a typical long bonnet and muscular proportions; and the oversized bonnet suggests there would be room for the twin-turbo 6.75-litre V12 that features in all other models based on this platform. Although the Spectre prototype sits on 22-inch wheels due to its winter tyres, Rolls Royce reported the all-season configuration is expected to feature 23s, the largest wheel diameters on a coupé since the 1926 Bugatti Royale.


Rolls-Royce has confirmed Spectre will run on the same architecture it has developed for its latest generation of cars, such as the Phantom, Ghost or Cullinan SUV. To make sure the switch to electric works seamlessly, Rolls Royce is compressing the equivalent of 400 years of use into its development cycle, spanning 2.5 million kilometres. According to their website, engineers have undertaken ‘the most demanding testing program ever’ produced by Rolls Royce to date.


“It is much more than a product. It is a symbol for our bright, bold electric future, and it represents a seismic shift in our powertrain technology.” - said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Rolls Royce intends to release the Spectre’s first customer deliveries between October and December 2023.

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Vida Azizi 23/06/22