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Tesla has opted to make its Model S and X models now left-hand-drive only for the foreseeable future, with UK customers made aware of the changes via email. 


The firm’s other two models, however - the Model Y and Model 3, remain in right-hand drive for now.


As a result, those who have already made reservations can opt to switch their orders to the Model 3 or Model Y, plus receive £2,000 in credit, or cancel their orders for a full refund. 


Alternatively, buyers can attend events due to be held at the end of the month for a chance to test drive a left-hand-drive vehicle before committing to their order.


The move also applies to other right-hand drive markets, including Japan, Hong Kong and Australia, though it remains unclear as to whether it will impact pricing.


Tesla's most affordable option for the Model S is the Dual Motor variant priced at £95,480, which delivers a claimed range of 405 miles. The flagship 'Plaid' version, which said to do 0-60mph in 1.99 seconds, begins at £114,930.


As for the Model X, the entry-level option is the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive model, starting at £99,930. The Plaid variant meanwhile comes in at £124,780.

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Harry Leahey 15/05/23