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Chinese e-motorbike providers, Sur-Ron, has released a new mid-sized electric motorbike in the UK, which aims at offering adept off-road performance while being just as easy to manage on the road. 


Dubbed the Ultra Bee, it joins Sur-Ron’s existing fleet of e-motorbikes, including the cheapest version, the Light Bee, and the range-topping Storm Bee. The Ultra Bee is aimed at providing a mid-range option between the pair. 


The Ultra Bee will utilize Sur-Ron’s latest fourth generation electric powertrain, providing 12.5kW and 441 Nm of torque in the Ultra Bee’s guise, and 5kW of peak power output. 


87 miles of range is also claimed, thanks to a 7kWh battery pack. A full charge is estimated to take around four hours, with a designated space beneath the rider’s seat also existent to store the e-motorbike’s charger when on the move. 


Customers will also have access to three riding modes and settings: Daily, Eco and Sport. The Sport mode is said to accelerate from 0-30mph in just 2.3 seconds, and capable of hitting a top speed of 56mph. 


Regenerative braking also features heavily on the Ultra Bee, and returns a steady amount of charge back to the battery when the brakes are applied. 


Where the Ultra Bee looks to differentiate itself from other e-motorbikes, however, is its ‘multi-condition’ traction control system, which is there to be used in off-road situations.


Sur-Ron has also stated that, despite being the mid-level option in its line-up, the Ultra Bee is focussed on quick acceleration, capable handling and smooth power delivery to enable efficient off-roading performance.  


The front and rear suspension are both also adjustable, with 240mm of travel attainable on either, with steering bump stops also attached to give further protection in the event of a fall. Sur-Ron’s claims that the Ultra Bee has a 50-50 weight distribution. 


Two variants will be offered initially. The first is the homologation special ‘Ultra Bee T’, which retails at £6,699 in the UK. Alternatively, the Ultra Bee X, which has been tailored to off-roading, will begin at £6,299. It can now be ordered through Sur-Ron’s website.

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Harry Leahey 24/02/23