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California-based electric vehicle start-up Mullen Automotive has unveiled a new, compact all-electric delivery van designed for Europe. 

Dubbed the I-Go, the commercial vehicle has a 2438mm wheelbase, weighs 795kg, and is powered by a 34kW motor that delivers a top speed of 62mph. 

It also has a claimed range of approximately 124 miles from a 16.5kWh battery. 

The I-Go is the smallest of a series of battery-powered commercial vehicles from the firm, which is also developing a crossover called the Five, which is slated for delivery in 2025. 

The company says it is intended for last-mile deliveries and is certified to meet EU standards, making it available for sale in various countries including the UK.

It will be sold through Irish car dealership Newgate Motor Group, which will serve as the sales agent for the I-Go in the UK and Ireland. 

The I-Go is expected to be available in Europe through Newgate in January 2023, and is priced at $11,999 (£9,900) plus VAT and local transportation costs.

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Harry Leahey 28/12/22