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Fiat dealers from across the UK are aiming to demystify the concerns associated with electric vehicles. 


It comes following Fiat’s decision to remove all non-electrified, purely internal-combustion engined vehicles from its dealerships - a change which came into effect from July 2022.  


With Fiat’s fourth annual Electric Event, the Italian firm wants to encourage motorists to switch to electrification. 


At the event, customers can learn about the benefits of an EV, how to charge an electric vehicle, how long an EV takes to charge, and how much one costs to run. 


Attendees can also experience electric power with an opportunity to drive the brand’s first entirely electric car - the Fiat 500, which delivers a range of 199 miles from its 42 kWh battery. 


It is joined by the fully electric Fiat Doblo van, as well as the firm’s electrified line-up, which consists of the mile-hybrid 500X crossover and Tipo hatchback.  


Greg Taylor, managing director of Fiat and Abarth, said: “The vast majority of people across the UK are yet to have driven an electric vehicle. 


“Fiat’s Electric Event not only offers motorists the opportunity to experience the award winning 500 electric but also learn more about how electric cars can fit seamlessly into daily life.”

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Harry Leahey 30/09/22