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The Driving Safety Report is a breakdown of the most current and leading issues for drivers on the UK's roads. IAM Roadsmart, an independent road safety charity in the UK, explores driver opinions, attitudes and behaviours annually, raising awareness on the most significant or most recurring issues a lot of motorists are worried about or facing on the roads most recently, such as potholes, or other drivers speeding or even self-driving technology cars. With 2000 respondents, the report is one of the most outstanding yearly opinion surveys on road safety conducted in the UK.

Do potholes bother you enough to make you change your route?

The 7th annual driving safety statistics show a rapid increase of drivers recently affected by road potholes. 90% of the UK's drivers responding to the report have been affected by potholes on the streets during this year, with 32% of drivers stating they change their routes to avoid potholes that could damage their vehicles and 16% of drivers have even reported a pothole to the respective authorities.

80% of the report's respondents considered these eight common recurring risks a potential threat to their safety. The most common potential threats amongst the UK's motorists were also: drivers using their mobile phones to text or email -92%, using social media -91%, driving after consuming illegal drugs/substances, or drinking above the legal alcohol limit-90%, drivers speeding on residential roads -88%, as well as drivers worried about the risks from how self-driving cars work-59%.

Looking further into the report, when discussing safety topics on driving, over half of the respondents reported that behaviours such as driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit and talking on a hands-free mobile phone while driving are types of behaviour that have been deemed acceptable.

"The topics of mobility and road safety are constantly evolving, and our Driving Safety Culture report puts the spotlight on the biggest issues that British motorists face when taking to the roads." - says Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research at IAM RoadSmart.

To try to improve road safety, this crucial annual report represents the most current views of some of the UK's motorists, clearly indicating driver opinions for those in local and the central UK government to acknowledge and to spread awareness, helping the drivers who are impacted or could be from these listed risks.

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Vida Azizi 06/07/22