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Peugeot has revealed the i-Cockpit interior layout for the new Peugeot 3008, ahead of the car’s full unveiling later this year. 


The new generation i-Cockpit layout retains the concept introduced by Peugeot more than a decade ago, though the most notable changes for this latest iteration are the displays. 


The layout combines the digital dash and the main touchscreen into a 21-inch high-definition panel, merging the instrument cluster and secondary functions. Peugeot says these screens have been subtly curved and positioned in a way that angles the layout towards the driver's seat, helping to reduce glare and optimise the driver’s viability. 


The main touchscreen serves as the control centre for all essential functions, including climate controls, navigation and vehicle settings. Instead of the current piano key-style shortcut buttons, a touch-sensitive panel is located below it, which can be customised based on the driver's preferences. 


Like previous Peugoets with the  i-Cockpit layout, the car maintains the company’s signature  compact steering wheel, which has a flat top to ensure clear visibility of the digital instrument cluster. 


Fabric trim appears to feature prominently across the centre console and dashboard, and the air-vents are adorned with metal trim. 


In terms of specifications, little is known about the new 3008, though Peugeot has confirmed the car will adopt the STLA Medium platform for electric vehicles from its parent company, Stellantis. 


Further information regarding powertrains, equipment and performance will likely be unveiled closer to its official unveiling in 2024.

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Harry Leahey 06/06/23