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Premium home charging firm Andersen EV has gained at least £1.5 million pounds of investment in a bid to accelerate its growth over 12 months. 


The money will come from EVIOS, a British manufacturer of home charging points which acquired the business earlier this year. 


It will be used for product development, to refine Andersen EV’s Konnect+ app and to enhance its customer service offering. 


In the short term, funds will be directed to support Andersen EV’s existing 12,000 customer base by honouring all existing warranties, providing extended customer care hours to include weekends, and upgrades to the Konnect + app, which can be downloaded retrospectively. 


For new customers, the investment will also help deliver Andersen EV’s mid-term plan to develop an enhanced version of the Andersen A2 home charger in line with advancements in EV charging technology.


The existing Andersen A2 unit features a minimalist design, premium-grade natural materials and a hidden charging cable. 


As part of its plans, an updated version of the Anderson trade portal also went live this week, supporting 600 electricians who have sold and installed many of Andersen’s products to date. 


Andersen EV says the new trade portal will be a vital sales channel as it focuses on scaling up the business in the future - attracting other resale affiliates and carmakers to the brand.  


David Martell, CEO of Andersen EV, said: “Andersen occupies an unrivalled position in the home EV charging market, and we are investing to ensure the brand, product, and overall customer experience fulfil their full potential. 


“We ensured that the acquisition had an immediate positive outcome for existing as well as new customers, dispatching over 160 new units in just ten days. 


“We can assure all customers that we have a healthy supply chain, and any new orders will be fulfilled usually within 48 hours.”


​​Martell says that over the next year, Andersen will roll out a programme of product enhancements that support the introduction of new technologies and features. 


“We recognise that customers have a great deal of choice when it comes to EV home chargers, but none are able to compete with Andersen in this premium segment of the market. We will ensure that the brand’s premier positioning is fostered and built upon.”


Anderson EV briefly fell into administration in October due to supply chain issues, though in the same month was then saved by EVIOS, which acquired the company for an undisclosed sum. 


The deal sees the two firms co-exist as serving different parts of the EV market, and gaining from shared investment in technology and customer support.

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Harry Leahey 17/11/22