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Swiss technology start-up Morand has launched a “breakthrough” energy storage solution which it claims can recharge a city car in just 72 seconds.


The energy storage technology is said to combine the characteristics of an ultracapacitor with that of a chemical battery to create a “durable and ultra-fast energy pack that can be usefully recharged in seconds.” 


The company says its eTechnology system is ideal for vehicles such as city cars, e-bikes and scooters that require fast, semi-frequent charges of around five minutes or less. 


Wherever there is the requirement for rapid recharging and discharging, Morand says eTechnology provides a “step-change” in capability. 


The new charging solution is said to have been independently tested by Geo Technology, which found that Morand’s eTechnology system was able to recharge a 7.2kWh test unit in 120 seconds (98% charging) at up to 360 kW.


Though there are already numerous technologies that can charge and discharge rapidly, they are almost always limited by the number of cycles they can perform before charging capacity becomes degraded. 


Morand says eTechnology resolves this by adopting innovative hybrid ultracapacitors (HUC) cells from Sech SA, which are combined with advanced controllers to safely achieve its rapid charging performance. 


Testing is claimed to demonstrate much greater durability than a conventional storage system, with its longest-running test unit now approaching 70,000 cycles. 


Unlike conventional lithium-ion battery packs, eTechnology is also said to have significantly less reliance on materials like lithium and cobalt. While some lithium is used, the firm says it is primarily comprised of aluminium, graphene and carbon. 


Morand says it is now working with a production partner to manufacture the units, and that expansive plans to ramp up production are already in place.


As part of the company’s efforts to scale eTechnology production, Morand is actively seeking additional investment. As part of this, the company is open to collaborators seeking to adapt eTechnology to specific or niche applications that would benefit from its innovations and advances in energy storage capability.


Benoît Morand, Founder and Managing Director of Morand said: “This is an incredible breakthrough in energy storage systems that has the potential to revolutionise multiple industries and greatly advance a number of mobility businesses.


“With much faster recharging, new possibilities are opened across the spectrum of transport, devices and activities.


“With extreme durability and astonishingly fast charge times, our patented eTechnology has a vast number of possible applications.


“Our testing and development programme has been extensive, but we have also verified our claims with independent testing.


“We are now focussing on scaling with our production partner, seeking additional investment and finalising agreements for a number of key applications, including drones and e-bikes. This is a very exciting new chapter for Morand and our talented team.”

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Harry Leahey 16/11/22