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Wattif EV, a Norwegian start-up focused on electric car charging, has revealed its intentions to expand its charging network in the UK and become a top provider of destination chargers by 2030. 

Unlike other charging options, Wattif EV installs its charging stations where people park their cars, rather than requiring EV drivers to find a charging location. 

Instead of having a designated location for charging, destination charging involves a slower charging station that is smaller, more affordable, and simpler to install in a car park - such as at a workplace or shopping centre. 

The company began with its first charging points in Cambridge and is planning to expand to Leeds and Scotland. 

Additionally, Wattif EV stated that it has the potential to install thousands of charging stations in the next 18 months, contingent on contract negotiations.

The company’s ambitious plans for the UK follow an estimated £44 million investment from Luxembourg-based fund management company, Marguerite.


Wattif EV’s CEO Robert Svendsen believes it is essential for this type of EV infrastructure to be expanded, in order to be prepared for the UK ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030.

He added: “Our Norwegian-based expertise and focus on what’s best for the owner of EVs and EV chargers to fit charging into their daily lives are key. 

“Charging en-route at service stations is not viable long-term - charging without thinking, planning or worrying, at home and destination, is key to driving growth of EV sales.”

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Harry Leahey 10/02/23