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One of London’s leading shared e-bike providers, Lime, has announced a partnership with The Felix Project charity. The duo will work together to provide food aid to those affected by the cost of living crisis.

The Felix Project’s purpose is to gather and redistribute any excess food from suppliers and restaurants to other charities, with the goal ultimately being to reduce both food poverty and wastage. The partnership means that The Felix Project will continue to gather food supplies, while Lime provides the e-bikes to act as delivery vehicles. 

The Felix Project also conducted a survey among those living in the capital with an annual salary of under £20,000, and found that 41 percent of participants said they needed to skip meals to make sure their children could eat. 19 percent said they were concerned about feeding their young during the cold winter months. 

A further nine percent of those surveyed said they can’t afford to spend more than £2.85 on food daily. In response to this, The Felix Project has launched the Empty Plate Emergency Appeal to gather more funding to supply food aid to low-income households this winter. 

Where Lime is concerned, on top of partnering with The Felix Project to supply delivery vehicles, a large portion of its e-bikes have also been attached with ‘Ride to Provide’ stickers. The revenue generated from use of these e-bikes will then be donated to the Empty Plate Emergency Appeal. Lime projects this amount will be around £20,000, which is estimated to provide around 90,000 meals to low-income households. 

Furthermore, the e-bikes will also contain QR codes, so riders can donate directly to the charity if they wish to do so. They’ll also have the option of rounding up the cost of each bike ride session, so small amounts of money can still be easily distributed. 

Hal Stevenson, the UK public affairs manager for Lime, said: “Riders should keep an eye out for ‘Ride to Provide’ stickers, and know that by riding Lime they’ll be donating to an important cause this December.”

The head of The Felix Project, Charlotte Hill, provided further comment: “We know the cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on low income families and this year many more are struggling to feed their children and keep their homes warm. It is vital The Felix Project is there to supply food to those working with people experiencing food insecurity.”

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Harry Leahey 26/12/22