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Bicycle manufacturer Giant and power metres specialists Stages have collaborated on the brand new GPS bike computer- The Dash 200 series. The World's most data-rich bike computer is Stages' third-generation head unit: the latest components show 14 different data values on each screen, allowing a durable and easy navigation between pages to facilitate the cycling experience.

Bike computers such as the Wahoo Element Bolt display a maximum of 9 data fields per screen, and bike computer Garmin, with its model the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus, shows a maximum of 10 per screen up to 6 on the Garmin Edge 1030. A direct comparison to 14 data values per screen on the Dash L200 and ten on the Dash M200 in the Dash 200 new series.

Paying attention to the critical specification of the Dash 200 series, the compact and water resistant M200 has a 2.2" (inch) screen, whilst the slightly larger L200 has a 2.7" screen. The dash displays' low-power mode' ability with a 5-button control system and a maximum battery of up to 18 hours. The series also comes with a built-in light sensor for a brighten and optimised visibility for its user, plus a built-in thermometer that displays temperature changes, through GPS connection.

The unit can be paired via wireless technologies ANT+ and Bluetooth to power metres, heart rate monitors, bright trainers, and intelligent lights.

The partnership over the years

The collaboration between Stages and Giant is a durable one: the brands worked together in the past on a range of indoor bikes - for years. For their latest partnership, the colour-screen Stages Dash 200 has been designed with Giants following Dash L50 and Dash M50 previous models.

The Dash 200 series is available to purchase on both brands’ websites - keeping the same identical internals and functionality. Customers have also the option to order the unit with either Giants or Stages' branding on the casing.

On behalf of Giant, Head of Product and Marketing, Jeff Schneider said: "We've enjoyed a great working relationship with the team at Stages and have immense respect for what they have accomplished in the last ten years. Partnering with them to bring this new generation of Dash head units to market brought strengths of both companies together."

Pat Warner, Senior Vice President of Product Development at Stages, stated that Giant contributed to "product development and industry experience, and Stages brings training and software expertise".

The Dash 200 series is available to purchase from Giant or Stages sites with either company's branding, depending on the source of purchase. Customers will be able to choose between the M200 with a 2.2" display and the L200 with a slightly larger 2.7" display. Both bike computers can be used in portrait or landscape mode, light or dark mode, and attached to any bike.

The Dash 200 series is now available for purchase on the Stages site, and Giant says it will be available in the UK from the end of May 2022. The M200 is retailed for £239.99; the larger L200 is retailing for a price of £289.99.

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Manija Noori 04/07/22