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German e-bike firm Cube, has unveiled a three-wheeled cargo bike, which incorporates a tilting mechanism developed with BMW, which is claimed to enhance safety.


According to Cube, the Trike Hybrid features a front main frame that independently leans into corners, separate from the rear section. 


This tilting mechanism is said to allow the bike and cargo to maintain stability and safety while cornering, while still delivering the familiar riding experience of a traditional bicycle. 


Cube also says the design of the bike’s cargo box ensures that the extra load weight has minimal impact on the handling of the vehicle.


The key to this design lies in the connection between the front and rear sections of the trike, facilitated by a pivot axle.


It is powered by a Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4 pedal-activated drive unit, delivering a maximum drive torque of 85Nm to power the rear wheels. It also features a Bosch PowerTube 750 Axial (750Wh) battery.


Cube believes that the electric assistance expands the Trike Hybrid's applications beyond urban environments, while its compact design ensures ease and safety in manoeuvring.


The vehicle is available in a single size suitable for riders ranging from 1.60m to 1.90m tall, and there are two versions available - one designed for transporting children, equipped with a five-point belt system and a rain cover, and another for cargo purposes.


The cargo model, dubbed the Trike Cargo Hybrid, boasts a load-carrying capacity of 50kg and an adjustable cover.


Both versions also come equipped with an SR Suntour Mobie 34 suspension fork, offering 100mm of travel to ensure a smooth ride.


Stopping power is provided by Tektro Auriga Twin+ HD-E745 hydraulic disc brakes, which feature a parking lock mechanism. There's also integrated lights and mudguards.


Cube has announced that the Trike Family Hybrid in white and grey will be available soon, priced at £6,499. The blue version and the Trike Cargo Hybrid will be released later in 2023, with a price tag of £5,999.

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Harry Leahey 19/05/23