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An American specialist in restoring Land Rover vehicles has teamed up with retro-styled e-bike firm Vintage Electric to create an electric bike inspired by the original Land Rover Defender. 


While California-based Himalaya 4x4 restores a range of Land Rover models, it has focused on the classic Defender, which was built between 1948 to 1985, as inspiration for its Special Edition Vintage e-bike. 


It is modelled after a classic board track racer bike, and comes equipped with a 72-volt electric motor system, a 4000-watt drivetrain, and five power modes. It’s also said to have a top speed of 40mph and a range of 75 miles from its battery.  


Since the two–wheeler comes with a throttle, it won't be coming to the UK for now, as current UK regulations only allow for pedal-assist e-bikes which have a top speed of 15.5mph. 


There is also a catch, and a rather big one at that - customers can only purchase one of these new bikes as an option when they commission a new Land Rover Series from Himalaya 4x4. Nevertheless, it can be customised to match the customer's car. 


For example, its hydroformed aluminum frame can be finished in a matching colour, while the saddle and handlebar grips can be made to match the Land Rover’s interior fabric. 


Should the bike be bought with the car, Himalaya 4x4 will fit the Land Rover with a Saris 2 bike rack that can be used to transport it around. 


The price of the e-bike is available upon request, with Vintage Electric's current throttle line-up starting from $6995 (£5600). 


Vintage Electric also has a line of pedal-assist e-bikes available online and at select Fully Charged stores in the UK.

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Harry Leahey 25/04/23