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E-bike brand Angell, has announced an exclusive partnership with the BMW Group to launch the first MINI electric bike


The agreement between the two companies will allow Angell to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute a range of MINI branded electric bicycles from the MINI brand for a five-year period. 


These bikes will be manufactured in the Seb factory in Is-sur-Tille near Dijon, where Angell bikes are also produced.


The MINI electric bikes will be available to the public starting in winter 2023/2024 and will be distributed across several networks still to be defined by both brands. Further details on pricing, distribution, and availability will be unveiled later in 2023.


The agreement will see Angell Mobility’s product line-up grow from two currently, in addition to plans to increase its distribution through physical and digital sales with a network of European retailers, including the UK,  by the end of 2023.


BMW Group is one of a series of car manufacturers looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of e-bikes. Last month, Audi announced its electric mountain e-bike, a first for the Ingolstadt-based brand, while Porsche has a wide range of e-bikes at this point, such as the Porsche eBike Sport, which starts at a rather hefty £11,000.


Polestar also announced its commitment to making its own range of e-bikes last year, establishing a long-term agreement with specialist e-bike firm, Allebike.

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Harry Leahey 11/04/23