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Swedish electric car company Polestar has announced plans to enter the e-bike market. 

The move comes following a collaboration with upmarket bike brand Allebike, which resulted in the two firms launching a limited edition mountain bike earlier in the year. 

The collaboration was for an unassisted bike, but Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath told the Verge that the two companies are now working on an electric two-wheeler. 

As a possible sign of things to come from the Volvo spin-off firm, Polestar previously offered an “electric mobility bundle”, which enabled Cake’s Makka e-moped to be docked and charged on the back of its Polestar 2 model. 

Suggesting the company is serious about the project, Ingenlath said he disliked the "marketing stunt" of buying a bike and putting a brand on it. This is perhaps a subtle dig at products such as the Hummer e-bike and the Jeep e-bike - two wheelers which haven't been developed from the ground up, but rather as normal e-bikes which happen to have big auto names attached to them. 

However, there are some car companies which have already been genuinely making bespoke e-bikes of their own, such as Porsche, which is now committing to developing e-bike motors and batteries under the Porsche brand name. Another carmaker capitalising on the e-bike trend is Peugeot, which produces a variety of models, including folding e-bikes and those designed for urban commuting. 

Harley-Davidson even launched a spin-off e-bike company called Serial 1, after it spent years designing its own range of e-bikes.

Since Polestar is partnering with Allbeike again for these upcoming e-bikes, it will be interesting to know how much of them will have been developed in-house by Polestar itself, rather than Allbeike doing most of the heavy lifting. 

Pricing and launch date for Polestar’s e-bikes remain unconfirmed for the time being, but like its cars, expect them to come with a premium price tag. 

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Harry Leahey 14/12/22