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US firm Recon Power Bikes has partnered with GMC to develop an all-wheel drive ‘super-e bike’, which has been designed and built for “total off-road dominance.” 

Performance comes from two 750W hub motors from Befang, which delivers drive to not one but both of the e-bike’s 26-inch wheels. 

Each motor can provide up to 12,000W of peak power, meaning a combined output of 24,000W. It boasts a top speed of over 28mph and makes up to 160 Nm of torque.

The bike is powered by a 48V removable battery from LG, which is claimed to offer a range of 40 to 50 miles following a four hour charge. 

The base model comes with a 0.85kWh battery, though can be upgraded to a 1kWh battery for an increased run time. 

Like the Hummer EV pick-up truck on which it is based, the e-bike also has a number of driving modes. There's Cruise, which makes the bike rear-wheel drive, and Traction, which makes it front-wheel drive. The third mode is Adrenaline, which, as its rather alarming name would suggest, activates both motors to provide all-wheel drive. 

The e-bike also comes with an eight-speed drivetrain from cycling component firm Shimano, which provides five-levels of pedal assistance, as well as adjustable suspension up front. 

It rides on 4-inch puncture resistant hybrid tyres, with a set of four-piston hydraulic brakes bringing the super e-bike to a halt.

Available to reserve now, the all-wheel drive e-bike is priced from £3,450, and deliveries will commence from December. 

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Harry Leahey 14/12/22