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Specialist folding bike firm Vello has launched a new Smart Utility Bike (SUB). 


It comes in two versions: a titanium model weighing 24kg, or a chromoly steel unit, coming in at 28kg. 


Both models support a total system capacity of 210kg, enabling it to accommodate two passengers as well as a cargo bag up front. 


Child seats and cargo baskets can also be altered and removed without the need for an allen key, making them ‘tool-free’ accessories.   


The bikes also come equipped with a Bosch Cargo Performance Line motor, which is claimed to deliver up to 85 Nm of torque. It is powered by a 500Wh Bosch battery which is said to ‘potentially’ provide up to 155 miles of range. 


Vello have also chosen to opt for a grease-free Gates Carbon belt drive and a Envilo hub for easy maintenance. 


Both ride on 20-inch wheels wrapped in ultra-wide tyres from Schwalbe. 


As to be expected from a Vello bike, these new SUBs feature folding capabilities, but are limited to the handlebars and pedals. 


Despite being a cargo bike, its length resembles that of a normal bike, measuring 180cm. 


Both versions of the SUB are available to pre-order from Indiegogo, with deliveries expected to commence from autumn 2023. Single speed bikes will be priced from £2,999, though will be increased to £3,499 following the pre-order period. 


Meanwhile, bikes with gears will have a pre-order price from £3,749, and £4,249 when the pre-orders end.  


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Harry Leahey 25/10/22