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Ukrainian-American e-bike firm Delfast has revealed a new electric bike designed during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and a percentage of revenue from its sales will be donated to Ukrainian relief efforts. 


Dubbed the California, it was developed in just eight months, despite much of the company’s team being based in the war-torn Ukrainian capital of Kiev.


The e-bike’s name ‘California’ came from one of the company’s designers during his visit to the US state, where Delfast’s new headquarters are based. 


During his tour of the new facilities, Russia began its invasion of his native country, which meant he was unable to return home as planned. 


Resigned to staying in America, he began observing California’s microbility scene, which later inspired him to design a new electric mobility vehicle. When he eventually rejoined his colleagues back in Ukraine, the new Delfast California became the company’s latest model. 


The California is being hailed as a ‘laid-back’ commuter bike, and uses a M410 motor from e-mobility component manufacturer, Bafang.  


It delivers 250W and 80Nm of torque, and is powered by a li-ion 960Wh removable battery which takes four hours for a full charge. 


With the electric assist feature engaged, the California’s top speed is limited to 15mph and delivers a claimed range of 100 miles.   


The U-frame is made with steel, which the company says is an industry first, and weighs 30kg. While it may not be the lightest e-bike around, it does offer a slightly slimmer frame than some of the company's larger, more potent e-bikes in its range. 


Both the battery and motor can be found at the base of the California’s frame to reduce the centre of gravity. 


It rides on 20-inch all-terrain tyres, while stopping power comes from Avid BB5 MTB mechanical disc brakes. 


Onboard tech includes a ‘hyper-intelligent’ CPU - capable of delivering navigation over 4G, an immobiliser, a wireless phone charger as well as a customisable alarm. 


It can be pre-ordered from Indiegogo for £1,776, though will have a starting price of £3,550 once deliveries commence from June next year. 

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Harry Leahey 31/10/22