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VanMoof, an e-bike company from the Netherlands, has added to its range by introducing two new e-bikes, the S4 and X4, which are said to be more affordable than its other, higher end models. 


Priced from £2,198, the mid-range S4 and X4 cost £1,100 less than the company's S5/X5 e-bikes, though £200 more than the S3. 


Both bikes come equipped with a new adaptive motor support and RPM sensor, meaning up to 59Nm of torque is on tap, in comparison to the 68Nm from the S5/X5 e-bikes. 


The company estimates a range of 38-95 miles, depending on the ride mode selected.


Both bikes also come with automatic two-speed gear shifting, a ‘turbo boost’ function, dynamic motor support, and a modified kick lock to secure the rear wheel. 


Additionally, VanMoof’s anti-theft technology is integrated into the bikes, and users can still access onboard alarms and location tracking through the VanMoof app. 


A built-in phone mount on the e-bikes also means the app can be used on the go, though there isn't a USB-C port for charging. 


The S4 has a larger size frame, with a standover height of 850mm, while the X4 is the smaller option, with a height of 710mm.


However, perhaps the biggest difference in the S4/X4 bikes is the choice of colours, which are bold and bright, a departure from VanMoof’s more darker finishes. 


For the S4 and X4, you can choose between four colours: Sunbeam Yellow, Purple Fog, Evergreen and Foam Green.


While the Evergreen colour is set to go on sale in the UK in early June, Purple Fog will follow later that month, Sunbeam Yellow in July, and Foam Green from August.


Customers can also sign up to VanMoof’s waiting list to be notified when their preferred colour arrives on sale.

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Harry Leahey 10/05/23