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Beameo, a new e-bike brand, has officially launched its range of six electric bikes, which recently made their debut at The Cycle Show in London. 


The range includes a mix of mid-drive and hub-driven motors, with a focus on affordability. The most expensive model costs £2,100.


The Beameo Unbound is the most expensive and off-road capable bike in the range, designed for towpaths and bridleways, but less suited to technical riding or difficult trails. It features a mid-drive Beameo motor that provides up to 120Nm of torque, Suntour forks, and 27.5-inch wheels.


The Beameo Cosmo (£1,625) and Cosmo X  (£1,600) are more city-oriented, featuring 26-inch and 700c wheels, respectively. Both models use rear hub Beameo motors, though the X has been designed for smaller riders and features an internal battery, while the Cosmo has an external battery. Mudguards, a kickstand, lights and a rear rack, however, feature on both models too. 


Then there is Beameo Classic - a hybrid bike which comes equipped with a 374Wh battery  for a claimed range of between 18 and 37 miles. Performance comes from a rear-hub motor plus a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, and mechanical disc brakes provide the stopping power. It is priced at £1,350.


Designed as a commuter-focused bike is the Beameo Ray, and features a top tube design.  It is equipped with a 614Wh battery, which has an estimated range of 18-74 miles, and a rear rack, kickstand, integrated lights, and mudguards. The Beameo Ray is priced at £1,425.


The only bike which boasts a folding design in Beameo’s range is the Buddy, which the company says has been designed for leisure rides. It has a mid-drive motor, weighs 24kg and is priced at £1,725.


All bikes in the range come with a five-year frame and motor warranty, plus a 12-month warranty on components, including the battery. Warranty issues and repairs are handled by the company’s team in Wales. 


The Beameo range is available to buy online now and will also be available through the Bike2Work scheme.

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Harry Leahey 28/04/23