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Citroën is set to launch a new seven-seat C3 Aircross next year with a focus on affordability. The car will be based on the same platform as the new e-C3 supermini, but will be longer and taller to accommodate the extra row of seats.

Posting a teasing of the car on Citroën's socail media, the car is expected to have the same grille and headlights as the supermini.

In terms of powertrains, the C3 Aircross will be available with a range of petrol, hybrid and electric setups. 

The entry-level petrol model is likely to be a 99bhp 1.2 three-cylinder unit, while the hybrid models could come with a choice of 99bhp and 128bhp petrol engines, paired with a 28bhp electric motor and a dual-clutch automatic gearbox. 

The electric version will most likely get the same 44kWh battery and 111bhp motor as the e-C3.

Pricing remains unconfirmed, but it’s being speculated the car could cost from around £14,500 as the base petrol version. 

Citroën has yet to reveal any interior shots of the car, though since it’s based on the new C3, it’s expected to adopt a very similar dashboard layout as the C3, with its new head up display, and 10-inch infotainment system.

The firm is aiming to make the C3 Aircross as affordable as possible, and is taking a similar approach to safety as Dacia. The car will comply with all regulations and will offer good crash protection, but will not necessarily have the latest electronic safety aids.


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Harry Leahey 19/10/23