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Citroën will release the rugged Ami Buggy in Europe, and a small number of these electric quadricycles are coming to the UK.


The compact Ami city car, available in passenger and commercial versions, has already gained popularity in Europe, and is currently being sold in the UK, priced from £7,695.


As for the Ami Buggy, it will carry a price tag of £10,495, and only 40 out of 1,000 units will be available here. 


The Buggy version features a doorless and roofless design, but with plastic covers that offer an "almost closed passenger compartment." 


To enhance the structural integrity of the covers, Citroën says it has also incorporated metal door and roof frames.


The vehicle rides on gold wheels, and is finished in a Khaki colour, which is broken up with various black accents, including bumpers, skid plates and a rear spoiler.  


The exterior and interior also boasts exclusive bright yellow dots. 


In terms of performance, the My Ami Buggy houses a 5.5kWh battery that delivers a claimed range of 46 miles. The motor meanwhile makes a rather modest 8bhp, and delivers power to the front wheels. 


Interested customers can place their orders on the Citroën website starting from June 20, and the first batch of cars will arrive in the UK in September.

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Harry Leahey 23/05/23