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Citroën has announced updates to its C4, ë-C4 and new C5 X models, which include improved on-board tech and driver assistance features. 


For the C4 and ë-C4, Citreoën has kitted out its compact SUV models with its latest My Citroën Drive Plus infotainment system, which is said to offer an improved user experience with new, customisable widgets. Already available on the firm's C5 X flagship, the new system runs on a 10-inch touchscreen display. 


Their wireless smartphone chargers have also been updated to 15W for faster charging of mobile devices. 


The colour pallet has also been revisited, meaning the C4 can now come with a bi-tone contrasting roof colour.  


The ë-C4 model benefits from a 100kW motor with a 50kWh battery, offering up to 219 miles of range (WLTP), and prices for both C4 and ë-C4 variants begin at £22,060 and £31,995.


Though having just been launched last year, the C5 X has also been upgraded with advanced driver assistance features. 


Citroën says the car’s Highway Integrated Assist Plus system has been improved to include Semi-Automatic Lane Change and Anticipated Intelligent Speed Assist, primarily for motorway and dual carriageway driving. 


According to the French firm, the Semi-Automatic Lane Change feature ensures a smooth and seamless transition while changing lanes, thanks to two front-facing sensors. 


Meanwhile, the Anticipated Intelligent Speed Assist uses GPS to identify speed signs in advance, and in combination with the Highway Integrated Assist Plus, suggests an appropriate speed adjustment to the driver.


The C5 X can be had with a petrol or plug-in hybrid powertrain, and is priced from £28,670.

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Harry Leahey 14/02/23