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Citroën has unveiled a retro-inspired redesign of its iconic logo for its electric future. It comes as Citroën plans to launch electric-only cars from 2026. 

Like the current logo, this 10th evolution features the two chevrons, though are smaller and no longer stand on their own. Instead, they’re surrounded by an oval shape, resembling the original design from 1919. 

The new logo first appeared on the Citroen 19_19 concept car, though will begin to appear in infa-red on production cars from mid 2023. 

Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée said: “As we embark on probably the most exciting chapter in our illustrious 103-year history, the time is right for Citroën to adopt a modern and contemporary new look.

“Our new identity is an elegant symbol of progress as we move our customers physically in daring, forward-looking vehicles that challenge traditional industry rules, and emotionally by ensuring their entire experience – particularly going electric – is more affordable, comfortable and enjoyable whatever their wants and needs.”

Citroën aren't the only brand showcasing new logos for their future electric cars. Skoda recently announced a simpler, flatter design of its logo on the Skoda Vision 7S Concept earlier this month. 

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Harry Leahey 03/01/23