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Cupra has unveiled its third bespoke electric model in the form of a coupé-SUV dubbed the Tavasca, and will come in single and dual-motor versions when it goes on sale next year.  


The range-topping dual-motor, four-wheel-drive model makes up to 335bhp and 501 lb ft of torque, while the entry-level single motor variant makes 282bhp. 


Both versions are powered by a 77kWh net battery, which the Spanish firm claims can deliver 341 miles from the single motor model, and 321 miles from the all-wheel drive version. The battery can also be recharged at a rate of up to 135kW.


The Tavascan’s interior showcases a 15-inch infotainment touchscreen - the largest display featured in any Cupra model. Climate settings and volume meanwhile can be managed via a  "retro illuminated" touch bar.


In addition, it has a 5.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a Senheiser audio system, and offers connectivity to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The car also comes equipped with several driver assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control. 


Externally, the car appears to retain most of the original styling from the Tavasca concept car, with the front dominated by prominent triangular headlights and a  "shark nose" front end that includes an illuminated Cupra emblem. To the rear is a large diffuser, and a choice of 19, 20 and 21-inch wheels can be selected from the options list. 


Despite being developed at Cupra's headquarters in Barcelona, the Tavascan will be produced at the Volkswagen Group's Anhui factory in China.


UK pricing has not been confirmed yet, but is anticipated to start from around £40,000, which would make it £5,000 cheaper than a base Tesla Model Y with its 283 mile range. 

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Harry Leahey 24/04/23