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Spanish car manufacturer Seat is developing a quadricycle to rival the Citroën Ami as part of its plans to broaden its range of micro-mobility vehicles. 


Meanwhile, the company will concentrate its efforts on electric vehicles through its spin-off brand, Cupra.


Already, the firm offers its Seat Mo e-moped, but it looks like Seat is keen to expand its micro-mobility lineup.  


A Seat quadricycle was teased when it revealed the Minimo concept back in 2019, though at the firm’s recent annual press conference, Seat-Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths implied a production version forms part of its future plans. 


He said: “One of the things we’re working on urgently is the micro-mobility topic and offering affordable mobility for next generations. The solutions are not only cars and not only scooters that we’ve done, but also four-wheel micro-mobility solutions.


"We are working on a strategy for micro-mobility to build a four-wheeler, and decisions on the future electrification of the Seat brand will be taken at a later date.”


In order to deliver micro-mobility options, Griffths said the company would be looking to partner with specialist, third-party companies, and signalled that bringing the Minimo to production has already begun. 

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Harry Leahey 23/03/23